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WordPress Website Design & Development Agency

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WordPress Website Design & Development Agency

You're here looking to solve a frustration.

  • Your site is dated and not generating any leads
  • You need a website to market your business
  • Your current developer did not deliver what you asked for
  • You cannot get in touch with your developer
  • Your developer overpromised and underdelivered?
  • Your developer cannot complete the requests you have!
  • Your site is dated and not bringing in any leads
  • And this has got to be the funniest I have heard
  • Your dev cannot move the site to live hosting!

Many of these issues come from people using inexperienced developers. Like anything in life, you don't always get what you pay for.

Now What?

We provide outstanding service and employ the best tool stack to deliver a cutting-edge website.

  • Always be in the know and have your voice heard
  • Your website has its project portal for you to view its progress
  • Plutio Project Manangement – to manage your project and communication
  • Comment directly on your development site’s look, feel and content with Bubbles
  • Bricks Builder – for a faster website experience
  • Website Maintenance – weekly and monthly maintenance process to prevent recurring frustrations
  • WP Umbrella – For your site management and getting a monthly site report

These are just but a few tools we use to ensure you get the best of the web.

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Yasien Sarlie - Sarlie Digital

Sarlie Web Design is a WordPress Website Design & Development Agency.

As a WordPress Website Design & Development Agency, we design and develop solutions to solve real-world website business problems. You are here because you want a web presence or you want to improve your website, generate leads and engage with your audience.

Serious about your web presence? Then we want to partner with you to make you a success story. We have over 17+ years of website design experience and have done too many sites to mention. We pride ourselves in high-quality pixel-perfect designs. We use the latest tools to deliver a superior solution guided by international standards. So much so that we work for other agencies and freelancers, helping them to help their clients.

We are a WordPress Website Design & Development Agency based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We have our systems for project management working with anyone anywhere in the wor.

Many of these issues come from people using inexperienced developers. Like anything in life, you don't always get what you pay for.

Ready to Partner?

Our web design service!

E-commerce Sites

E-commerce gives businesses the ability to reach more customers 24 hours a day 365 days a year. With so many people making their purchases online these days, it is the fastest-growing retail market.

Just think:

  • An online store is available all day – there are no trading hour
  • Due to the internet’s accessibility, you can increase your reach to millions of people across the world!
  • Your website is one of the best marketing tools your business has
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WordPress Website Design & Development Agency

Business Sites

A profile company site is a digital interactive format of your company’s business. It is like your business card to the world, always there, always visible.

We can help you bring your company’s profile to life and put your best foot forward to showcase your services. We will not stop there, we will maintain it for you and keep your digital experience relevant.


Site Maintenance

We offer annual website maintenance packages.

Software running your website need to be updated when new features, improvements and security enhancements have been made available. These updates ensure the smooth operation of your website.

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WordPress Website Design & Development Agency website maintenance
WordPress Website Design & Development Agency SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ranking a web page higher on Google for a search phrase or keyword.

Search Engine Optimisation

We do Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) the hassle free way. We will make simple tweaks to make you get discovered on the net. On-page SEO is standard with all projects. Get yourself discovered on the internet.

To keep you ranked higher, we can offer you a more custom solution.

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